Estonian geocollections information system: public API

Brief documentation

1. Get an individual data object by record ID

Main syntax:$table/$id[.xml | .json | .jsonp | .csv | .api]



  • 2. Search and/or get a list of records

    Main syntax:$table

    Optional parameters:

  • to specify output format: ?format=json|xml|jsonp|csv|api
  • to specify page: ?page=$page
  • to specify list of fields to retrieve: ?fields=["$field1","$field2","..."]
  • to specify search criteria: ?fp={"$field":[{"$lookuptype":"$search_string"}]} (where $lookuptype is one of: startswith, endswith, istartswith, iendswith, contains, icontains, exact, gt, lt)
  • Examples:

  •{"name":[{"exact":"U (ppm)"}],"value":[{"gt":"100"}]}
  •{"author":[{"icontains":"oja, t"}]}

  • 3. List of tables and fields that can currently be accessed